Mori no Uta – The Forest’s Song

When designing anything it is always nice to take that extra care and look at the finer details of the desired end result. This is not always possible mainly due to budget and sometimes time constraints but if we do have the time and budget you will always see an amazing difference.

When I went to Mori no Uta in the onsen town of Jouzankei recently one thing that really stood out was the attention to detail in the design. Not only was this evident in the actual physical design but is was noticeable at all levels in the refurbishment and redesign of the Hotel, from the beautiful food to the harp player in the modern retro foyer lounge; all design having some reference back to the name – The Forest’s Song or Mori no Uta.

In seeing this attention detail it made me think about what makes a website or any design standout from the norm and it was this same attention to detail that was the answer. Enjoy the pictures below and if you have time go along to Mori no Uta for the buffet lunch, one buffet that also is a little special.

Mori Spa

mori no uta reception